After much thought and consideration into Risk Assessment of our own Park around Covid19, we have decided that with the following of the very basic guidelines laid out by the Government and Health Organisation by all who stay here with us, risk of transmission of the Coronavirus is extremely low. Therefore we have chosen NOT to adopt the policy of ‘no jab, no stay’.

If you stay in one of our Cabins/Units, or are camping on your own site, you are effectively in your ‘own bubble’ and can easily maintain Social Distancing.

If you utulise any of our Communal Facilities such as Ablution block, Laundry, Kids room, and our Office, we strongly suggest the wearing of facial masks to prevent ‘cross-breathing’ in closed quarters. No different to when you visit Bunnings, Warehouse, or supermarkets.

Masks are not required whilst swimming in our Pool, however we suggest wearing masks whilst entering or leaving the area, or sitting watching while in close proximity to others.

Hand sanitiser stations are located around the Communal areas so please use these as added precaution.

Our play areas are well spread out so Social Distancing is easily achievable.

With Common Sense, we will all have a safe and happy holiday period.

We apologise to those who may not agree with us, but it appears we are dammed if we do, and dammed if we dont.